Wikipedia says what?

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Wikipedia says what?

Post by LeoNigro »

I guess it is well known that you cannot believe much of what you read within Wikipedia.

I just saw the Commodore OS write up (which I have attempted to correct, see if it sticks), where it was implied, that version 1 deliberately caused kernel panics on non-Commodore systems. I'm not aware of that happening at all.

Of course, the accusation is completely ridiculous, and quite frankly insulting. Why would I do that? That's dum. Does everything have to be a Machiavellian plot? Haters gotta hate I guess.
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Re: Wikipedia says what?

Post by Pad00100 »

in the days of Commodore USA, there were many haters who could not and did not want to see the new Commodore computers as x86 PCs, preferring to dream of obsolete PPC and backward AmigaOS.... Important that Commodore OS is again developed and hopefully gaining more and more users :)

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Re: Wikipedia says what?

Post by James N »

It's good that you got around to that. Hopefully it sticks.

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