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The Commodore OS Forum Site is LIVE!!!

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Welcome to the Commodore OS Vision 2.0 forum.

The launch of this forum celebrates the brand new public release of the Commodore OS Vision (Linux distro) for modern PC hardware. I am thrilled that the day has finally come and I welcome all Commodore fans to this forum site. See for further details.

Commodore OS was designed as a unique, retro Commodore inspired experience, with a snappy special effects GUI, including software reminiscent of that classic era, as well as software and components that showcase the best of the considerable Linux software eco-system. It was conceived as a unique OS experience for current Commodore branded PCs in an attempt to create a similar sense of differentiation that the microcomputers of the 80s offered. I wanted to create my vision of the dream Commodore OS I would have wanted in my youth, which was spent tinkering with Commodore and Amiga machines.

The first version of Commodore OS was released to the public for free in November of 2011, which was primarily built for usage on Commodore branded PC hardware produced by Commodore USA, LLC. These models included the Commodore VIC Pro, Commodore VIC Slim, Amiga Mini and most notably, the Commodore 64x (now available for purchase at

As some appreciation of Commodore OS had remained over the years, and with some prodding a little over a year ago, I endeavoured to recreate it, which proved far more challenging and time consuming than I had anticipated, as the Linux eco-system has shifted and changed quite considerably since. Many of the components that were used have either been deprecated, become broken or incredibly brittle, have limited configurability, or are no longer supported at all. I am sure you will find the work-arounds in many cases surpass what was offered in the initial release.

I want to thank everyone who contributed to the distro and supported me in creating both the initial and current release of Commodore OS.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your experience with Commodore OS and your time with us in this forum.

Warmest Regards,
Leo Nigro
(Distro Creator/Site Admin)
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