COS2 News on Distrowatch?

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COS2 News on Distrowatch?

Post by LeoNigro »

I know the people/person running Distrowatch have a lot on their plate keeping up with all the distros.
I contacted Distrowatch around the 10th of January, and they did update the description fairly promptly which was really nice. ;)
(They don't seem to use the example copy you send) :(

It would appear they actually downloaded and installed Commodore OS Vision, which means they must go to a lot of effort when adding distros. :o

However, I can't help but feel disappointed that a news item for Commodore OS Vision 2 hasn't come out yet, and I'm guessing, may not ever. :cry:

I sent an e-mail on the 20th of Jan, practically begging they would announce it....I check every day.....and I guess I need to wait????
Maybe, given its release date and the date I contacted them it is no longer news...???? :oops:
Still... It's news if no-one really heard about it isn't it...???? :idea:

Eeek... I just saw the waiting list stretching back years....and I'm not even sure Commodore OS is on that.
So I can't even get it recommended?

It would be great if you could help the Commodore OS ranking on their main news page by visiting the specific Commodore OS Vision page on Distrowatch at: ... =commodore
It would seem the page load count of unique IPs is a novel way for them to measure popularity. :D

Also feel free to leave a (hopefully positive) review. :P

Oh well, maybe we'll have to wait for a news item on Distro Watch for COS update 1......oh it gonna be a doozy. :lol:
It's gonna take some time to get things working right, but I'm getting kinda excited about it..... 8-)
Also, sorry for all the emojis. I couldn't help myself. :mrgreen:
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