Commodore Emulation

Important guides and recommendations for Commodore OS and the C64x that were lost in a sea of posts.
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Commodore Emulation

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The popular Vice and FS-UAE emulators are used for Commodore 8-bit systems and Amiga emulation respectively. They provide a GUI where multiple disk images can be attached and keyboard and joystick settings can be configured.

Commodore and Amiga computer emulators are available from menu:
Applications ---> Commodore Emulators

To quickly run classic single disk C64 and Amiga games and demos you can click the Commodore logo in the dock. This opens a file browser where classic software can be launched by simply clicking on their disk files. You will also find an assortment of Amiga MOD and C64 SID music.

You may wish to include your game ROMs, MOD and SID files in the folders where Commodore OS does:
Note: A symbolic link is automatically created for users which can be accessed within most emulators.

Free open source system ROMs are included with Commodore OS to provide C64 and Amiga emulation as the original Commodore system ROMs are not free for distribution. System ROMs for other CBM machines could also not be included. As these Open Source ROMs are not 100% compatible with all classic software you may want to obtain the original system ROMs from Cloanto, who own the distribution rights.

Cloanto's C64 Forever software (for Windows only and cannot run under Wine) includes the original system ROMs for Commodore's 8-bit machines. A purchasable and free Express edition can be found at:

Cloanto's Amiga Forever software for Windows(only) includes the original Kickstart system ROMs for Commodore's Amiga 16/32-bit machines. Plus and Premium editions as well as an affordable Value edition can be found at:

Instructions on how to obtain and integrate the original System ROMs for Commodore's 8-bit and Amiga machines can be found here:
System ---> Commodore OS ---> Cloanto Commodore ROM Setup

Emulators for other classic consoles and computer systems have also been included but their configuration is beyond the scope of this document.
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