Win11 Pro not included in Grub boot menu

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Win11 Pro not included in Grub boot menu

Post by Sewolf »

I set a 1TB SSD into half, reinstalled Windows 11pro into one 500GB and the Commodore Vision on the other, except after installing the Commodore Vision the Grub does not show an option for Windows booting. As I don't know enough script for adding it myself, I am wondering if I can get some help with this please.

Brian Wall

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Re: Windows 11Pro not included in Grub fresh installation

Post by LeoNigro »

Hi Brian,

I've not yet tested this with Windows 11. It worked in the original Commodore OS, and the script has not changed.

I assume you installed Commodore OS before Win that would have created the grub menu partition.
If you didn't then you can't restore the boot menu, as you didn't create it.

Just to re-iterate:
You install Commodore OS first, and leave unallocated space for Win11 on the primary(!!!!!) drive. I don't think it will boot off an extended drive.
You install Windows in that unallocated space, which will likely disable the GRUB menu.
Then you go to the Commodore OS Live installer and perform the action below.

When you run the "live" Commodore OS image (the media you used to install the OS), go to the top menu
System --> Commodore OS --> Restore Boot Menu

Hopefully that will restore the grub boot menu.

Please let us know how that goes.
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