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Re: Introductions

Post by Pad00100 »

Yes ! Many new themes will be a nice addition to COS ! Theme turning COS into Workbench, or GEOS will be cool :)

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Re: Introductions

Post by LeoNigro »

Who knows what the future may bring....

Right now my priority theme wise, is to get different colours of the main theme ready for Update 1, just as there were in the original COS (which are no longer compatible). They were named after retro systems boot up colours more or less.

My personal favourite desktop theme of all time on any system, which may be controversial, is actually the MorphOS theme, which I think is just beautiful. Still, I am a little worried that if I start copying existing themes, especially from the Amiga community, I may start pissing people off. By all means however, if you would like to try, and you succeed, I would be happy to include it as an option. The more community help the better.

I still would like the current main theme to be the default COS identity theme.

The GEOS theme, kinda harkens back to the original XWindows, MacOS or even AtariOS/GEM theme, and I'm not sure other than the novelty of turning it on for a few minutes, most people would be bothered. But maybe you would, so have at go at getting it to work, and let us know how you go. Actually, XWindows itself is still a desktop option and probably mostly works. But then you lose MATE and Compiz/Emerald.

If there are themes you would like, but lack the ability(or time) to create them yourself, you can always commission an existing theme creator to make it for you (just as I have), and if it's good I'd be happy to include it as an option in Commodore OS.

Themes are a bit messy in MATE, as you can never be sure what's going to be compatible from the various desktop theming sites.

And then of course, you have the added complication of the Emerald window borders which make theme integration all the harder, as now you have to change two things. (which I could automate in the old Commodore OS and have yet to try on this version)

Then again the Emerald window border theme can be either re-skinned or turned off altogether.
Emerald, can also do window shadows, or the glow effect Commodore OS has on the window borders. (A white shadow?)
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Re: Introductions

Post by james2002 »

Hey Everybody Especially Leo. Hope that you are doing well. I am getting ready for next months build. ( Might got carried away I decided to get new pc building tools) I got the white version of Commodore 64x. Even got a white mouse to go with it. I be putting Commodore OS Vision 2.0 on it next month.

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