Amiga A1000 or A4000T?

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Amiga A1000 or A4000T?

Post by LeoNigro »

There is an interesting poll going on here. ... EhjBzGgWMq

Personally, I fell in love with my A1000 at first sight, and would be glued to it watching demos in the stores as a teen, so that would be my pick.
Apart from being amazed by its capabilities at the time, I thought the aesthetics of the unit were so cool (and cute), especially with its neat keyboard garage. I still find it evocative and exciting. I bought mine used in 88 when the A500 had already come out (well I had to wait). I had a friend with an A500 and it just seemed to be a mess of cables, and I also felt that by getting the desktop Amiga version I was meant to take this computer more seriously than merely a games computer, and it was becoming pretty clear to me that programming was going to be my vocation.
My Amiga was decently specced for the time with an internal 2Mb or RAM and an 8086 PC Sidecar, enabling me to run PC DOS programs within workbench (or even an external monitor).
The PC Sidecar came in handy for programming projects at School and at Uni, but was most useful when I added a relatively cheap IDE HD to it which the Amiga could also access/share. I also put a 286 card in the sidecar to give it even more power which worked a treat. Sadly my Sidecar usage came to an end when one of the pins busted on the side interface and the damn thing is sooo expensive to fix (although apart from that it would probably work and I must get around to fixing it one day).
In the last few years I decided to get back into retro and my A1000 is now equipped with an internal drive bay Gotek(with a barely visible USB stick), and a piStorm (which makes the Gotek kinda redundant now it can run WHDLoad). I've got an SD card extender poking out the expansion slot so I can change the piStorm OS easily whenever I want. I've been meaning to get back into C/C++ programming on the Amiga. While I did have a dedicated LCD monitor for it in the beginning, as I'm playing more and more games via RTG(mostly DOS ports of games I never played) I find it more fun to use a HDMI down-scaler to use it on my Commodore 1084s CRT monitor (sitting on my C128D beside the A1000). I also have an 1081(sitting on the A1000) which works great, and a busted 1701 which needs a tube that can't be sourced (know anyone?).

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Re: Amiga A1000 or A4000T?

Post by Zenzizenzizenzic »

My father has a similar setup. Only downside is that you're still limited to 512K Chip

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