Commodore 16x: Installing Ryzen 7 8700g

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Commodore 16x: Installing Ryzen 7 8700g

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For those of you that don't know Sean from MyRetroComputer has a Youtube channel dedicated to topics related to the C64x and its variants.
MyRetroComputer is the manufacturer of the the C64x, which can be purchased on their website at

What I didn't know is that MyRetroComputer also created a C16x variant which looks absolutely incredible.
They also produced a VIC-20x variant, which Sean kindly provided me, which I hope to get around to doing a video on in future.

Sean recently released an interesting new video in his series entitled:

Unleashing Power: Installing Ryzen 7 8700g Into Commodore 16x!
Video Link:
Channel Link:

Going forward, I think the News section would be served by including any new instructional videos pertaining to the C64x or Commodore OS.
If you create or come across any new videos (from this day forward) please send me a message so I can include them in the news section.

Stay tuned for further videos in the News section..... There's one in particular I know is in the works that I'm very excited about.

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